Vehicle Diagnostics

Warning light appeared on your dash?

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Diagnosis of vehicle faults will be carried out by a qualified motor technician and a plan of action will be discussed with you before any repairs are carried out.

Most fault finding is done by the technician observing and listening to your vehicle, questioning you on details of how the fault came about. This guides the technician to formulate a diagnosis.

However, if the fault is electrical in origin or your vehicle onboard computer (ECU) is highlighting the fault, your vehicle may need to be attached to the latest electronic diagnosis equipment.

This equipment reads your vehicle’s onboard computer (ECU) unit for error codes stored within it. This electronic equipment assists the technician in their diagnosis.

Vehicle Diagnostics

You may not see your warning light below, but don’t panic! No matter what the issue with your vehicle, we can fix it.

We Use the Worlds Best Vehicle Diagnostic Tools from Leading Brands