MOT Testing

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An MOT test is required when your vehicle is 3 years old and then annually. The MOT covers safety-critical items on your vehicle including lighting, steering, suspension, brakes, tyres, wheels and seat belts. *Please note this is not exhaustive of the full requirements of the MOT test.

The MOT can be carried out up to 30 days ahead of the renewal date. The MOT test expires on the 1 year anniversary of the date of the last test.

Remember it is illegal to drive a vehicle without a valid MOT Certificate unless you are driving it to a point where the MOT is to be carried out. Remember without a valid MOT Certificate your insurance is invalid.

Please note an MOT test is a minimum standard test this means items are tested to a standard that is acceptable at the time of the test. If we feel any items that require your attention we will advise you of these and discuss this with you when your test is complete.

The MOT can be carried out whilst you can relax in our reception with a drink and we offer a reminder service and a loyalty discount to our customers.